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My 7th year on deviantArt and I have nothing to update right now.......I should try and be more active if possible....
The Smite of Fate - Saber and Artemis Cosplay
The weather is cold, outside everything's white, so why not go for a snow themed crossover duet cosplay?

That's something I thought of yesterday and managed to complete today. :meow: The picture was taken back in early October, during fantasticon but now it seems that it was the perfect time to be edited. :meow:

Even if the heroes are from different series and games, it seems that this crossover can actually make sense. It seems to be always winter and snowing whenever the Fate series are taking place and taking into account the classes of the servants, why not have a parrarel one where in the Archer Class there would be Artemis from Smite?

Many thanks to Ευάκι for the picture and Christina Paravatou (Elentin ) for cosplaying an amazing Artemis! :meow:

Saber (from Fate series): 20Tourniquet02's Art (aka 20Tourniquet02 )
Artemis (from Smite): Christina Paravatou Cosplay (aka Elentin )
Photography : Ευάκι Γλυκουλίνι (Εύα Τζε)
Digital Editor: 20Tourniquet02's Art (aka 20Tourniquet02 )
Edited in gimp
Let me hear your wish -Wish Granter Cosplay ( OC )
This is an updated version of my Wish Granter's design. More details have been added on the chocker, the gauntlets and the belt. And there is still room for more updates.

After being successfully summoned, she thoroughly examines the summoner's soul and mind. Following up, she asks for the reason she has been summoned and what is the summoner seeking out of it. The first examination helps her see not only the summoner's intentions, but also if his soul is worth keeping or not, in case he doesn't keep up his part of the exchange. In case it is not, she suggests different ways of how the summoner will "pay", even if it means involving somebody else's soul who is close to the summoner or whatever he holds more precious to him.

Also, Merry Christmas everyone! :santa:

Character: Wish Granter (Original Character)
Creator/Cosplayer/Crafter/Digital Editor: 20Tourniquet02
The Hint -Wish Granter Cosplay(Original Character)

"Behind this door lies the answer you seek"...

Sometimes, she might even give hints to what she's been asked for or offer her guidance. But that's enough for now, no spoilers. :meow:

How many times have we seeked something that's behind a closed door? How many times have we tried to find the key to open that door? Yet, come to the conclusion that the "key" we're looking for is not what we've first thought? And did we manage to open the door in the end? Or did we remain stucked behind it? What were the feelings that took over us when we managed to see what lies beneath the closed door?

On a sidenote, I made some improvements. Unfortunatelly, in this picture, a few of them are visible. The rest will be seen in the upcoming ones. :meow:

Cosplayer/Crafter/Creator (of character): 20Tourniquet02 
Digital Editor: (see above)
Photography: Autoshooting (I'm still learning new ways on that sh*t)
Character: Wish Granter (still, doesn't have a proper name yet) - Original Character

Sowwy for the total absence of booty/boobies/etc. None of them are visible because a) it's cold, b) this is a deity, c) not every freaking female character in the universe needs to be a walking eye-candy/fanservice doll, d) it's an original character for a story I'm writing (no crossovers/ no fanfiction/ it's not based on any's based solely on my imagination and stuff) , e) I've just felt like it :meow:

That's all for now. :meow: If you have any suggestions/complaints/ worries, write them bellow.
Wish Granter - Original Character Cosplay
And here is a totally original creation of mine.........It's an original character that I haven't named yet....but probably will appear as a minor character in a story I've been writing (for 4 years now....3 of which I'm on hiatus :meow: ).

Overall, I've been working on it since Thursday ( 6 days ago) and managed to put it all together and photograph it today. :meow: I'm proud of how it turned out, especially background-wise (minor corrections were made, not a change of it), make-up wise (finally, I'm getting better with it) and crafting-wise ( didn't thought I could pull it off in the end, but I managed).

Character info: Apparently, this is a deity which, once successfully summoned or "called upon", will grand the summoner any wish, so long as she gets something of equal value in return. In case the summoner's intentions is "not to pay", he will have half his soul taken as compensation. (more info will be released later, that's enough spoilers for now)

Let me know your thoughts about it in the comments below. :) Is there anything you'd like to contribute for the "story's plot" (which I am not revealing eitherway)? Anything you'd like to say about the character? Feel welcome do write it. :) (Unless it's insulting, in which case you will get what you deserve and I won't even be sorry about it :) )

Crafter/Cosplayer/Digital Editor: 20Tourniquet02
Photography: Autoshooted
On cold nights.....
And here's a simple photograph I took of what I prefer doing (or hope to do most of the time) when the weather becomes cold enough. It's true that when the temperatures fall, who wouldn't love to spend time playing their favourite online game while having their favourite snaks nearby? Or even read a book, or write a story, or being creative in general, accompanied by your favourite music and snaks? And how about closing all the lights (either because you might be a romantic soul or a scrouge that can't afford to pay the bills). Still, you want to create the necessary atmosphere for enjoying your time alone. In the meanwhile, here's kuriboh making a cameo in this photo. :iconkuribohplz:

Photograph by 20Tourniquet02 
Petticoat Tutorial (Simple)
This is a rather simple petticoat tutorial on how I created Saber's underdress petticoat. Of course, it can be used for other cosplays as well and it can be done in different ways too. I've chosen this one though, because I wanted something simple and easily crafted. Even though, I have to admit, it worked as the "base" for the whole dress and cosplay support. Handmade petticoat by me, 20Tourniquet02 . I hope you find it helpful.

More of the crafting of Saber's cosplay costume: (Saber's Handsewed parts) (Saber's Armor parts) (Avalon-Scabbard's progress sheet) (Excalibur-Sword's progress sheet)
Saber Cosplay- Armor
Here comes the armor crafting part of my Saber Cosplay. On the picture, I have written all the materials that I used in order to craft it. The proccess is simple to explain. I used fake leather (the black part) as a "base", then glued parts of crafting foam and eva foam on it for the details to be made. When that was done, I used woodglue (atlacol) to pass the foam parts before they were painted. After the paint with spray, the armor is as you see it. Plus, the fake-leather parts are hand-sewn, whether the foam parts are glued. Again, all the crafting is made by me, 20Tourniquet02 .

More of the crafting of Saber's cosplay costume: (Petticoat Simple Tutorial) (Saber's Handsewed parts) (Avalon-Scabbard's progress sheet) (Excalibur-Sword's progress sheet)
Hello everyone! :wave:
How have you been? :meow:

For me, it's been a while since I have actually updated on dA. You see, everytime I came here I was just in a "hurry" to post a deviation once in a while and then vanish. Not that this might not change for a while now. I have noticed that even my core membership has expired, so, my profile is kinda in ruins. Anyways, there are lots of things I'd love to write about, but the facts won't change.

In the meantime, I have been consumed by cosplay, crafting and digital editing so much to the point that I haven't drawn anything at all during this past year. The truth is that I'm thinking about starting drawing again, dealing with whatever I owe to people and just hope that I can somehow manage to come back here. I missed spending time here and chatting with people about art and how one may improve their skills. I have also missed creating art in a piece of paper or on screen. I've missed diving into the worlds one artist may create by himself. I've missed the true meaning of inspiration and originality. Ι'm also striving to find the courage to even write some poems too. But I'm not sure as to "when" will this happen, since right now things haven't completely settled down.

Other than that, I had fun the previous month in Fantasticon, a fantasy themed event in Greece, where I cosplayed as Saber and managed to get 1st place by the audience's votes. For me it was more than just getting 1st place. It was about finally completing the outfit and wearing it on time, as well as "redeeming" myself in a way. It's a cosplay I had started 2 years ago, but let it unfinished for more than a year, due to other personal stuff. It's a cosplay I wanted a certain someone to see, but unfortunatelly is no longer around. She's passed away for a year and some months now. Anyways, I don't know whether she was able to see it or not, I just hope that she did. Plus, the event was wonderful and I had one of the best times I've ever had during an event.

So, how about you? What has been going on around? I've kinda missed a lot of things. Would you like to see digital and traditional drawings coming from me or do you prefer to keep on seeing more cosplays and thematics? How about writing poems and stories (short ones or longer ones). Would you like to see general themed drawings or something more specific, like fanart or something related to my ocs and the story I'm writing? (which has been in a hiatus for 3-4 years now....?) Let me know in the comments bellow. :)



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