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Point Commissions Info!

Commissions status: ON

I've decided to do commissions for :points: and for money! (Yes, finally my paypal account is up).If you are interested,here are the prizes:

:bulletred::new: 50-100 :points: or 1 euro for icons (animated or static):new:

:bulletred: Chibi style: 360-480 :points: or 3-4 euros
:bulletred: Anime/Manga half-body: 10-12 euros
:bulletred: Anime/Manga full-body: 15-18 euros
:bulletred: Semi-realism/Realism simple portrait: 20 euros
:bulletred: Semi-realism/Realism detailed portrait: 25 euros
:bulletred: Semi-realism/Realism detailed portrait with 2 characters: 30 euros
:bulletred: Semi-realism/Realism half-body with additional character, detailed, with simple background: 37 euros
:bulletred: Semi-realism/Realism full body with simple background: 35 euros
:bulletred: Semi-realism/Realism full body, detailed with detailed background: 40 euros
:bulletred: Semi-realism/Realism full body, with more than one characters and very detailed background: 50 + euros
The price is negogetable depending on the complexity of the piece.

:bulletyellow: each additional character: +5 euros
:bulletyellow:simple design: (no added price)
:bulletyellow:medium-detailed design: +2.5 euros
:bulletyellow:very detailed design: +5 euros

:bulletblue: I have the right to refuge any commission that goes against my personal beliefs and contains nudity (porn), any form of racism, gore or any other sensitive material.

If you are interested, you may send me a note.:floating:

Thank you!:heart:


Fri May 22, 2015, 5:26 PM
Fri May 22, 2015, 5:26 PM
Fri May 22, 2015, 5:26 PM
Fri May 22, 2015, 5:26 PM
Fri May 22, 2015, 5:26 PM


Afeciel and Tani chibis by 20Tourniquet02






Support Stamps!

Markus and Kaedo chibis by 20Tourniquet02

Casper Stamp by MoRbiD-ViXeNAddiction Stamp by Drake1:thumb181826419:Love Emotes Stamp by fear-the-brillianceReal Death Note stamp by Okami-MoonyDark Magician Girl Stamp by xStormyChaosYu-Gi-Oh Abridged Stamp by xSweetSlayerxYGOTAS: Milkshake Die Stamp by xSweetSlayerxKAWAII- Hawaii stamp by Madninja2500I came to this City... by Dragon-of-MidnightMew Stamp by RuukuxP:thumb182055737:Pika Transformation Stamp by Drake09Psychic Fan Stamp by dark-rukarioUnown by HisMissDollyW T F  stamp by sirocco-rcI luv my dA friends Stamp by sirocco-rcbelieve stamp by HisMissDolly

I Swear It's True by SevenRosesJet's a Stalker stamp by shaolinfeilongAll Original Character Stamp by yoshimiU23deviantART Stamp 9 by nirmanStamp. by TrynnieStamp: Ceiling by Roxy317Late... by prosaixI luff chocolate by prosaixSlow interwebz by prosaix:thumb320966938:Mana Fan Stamp by NHS-5Expect... by sirocco-rcI support the dA wishing well by AstrikosStamp: I love my OC(s) by Jeshika-HarunoDifferent... by sirocco-rcSave the animals by sirocco-rcI Heart Choco by sirocco-rcI luv Cats by sirocco-rcOriginal Characters Stamp by nitchzombieSelf taught artist - stamp by Eirene86Original Characters Stamp by Stamp221

Noragami Stamp: Hiroyi by wow1076Yato Stamp by Janoneeenoragami: yukine stamp by SakamakiJustine|| Noragami Stamp || Kofuku Fan || by Izza-chanNoragami stamp by AliceUkStamp|Yato x Yukine. by Niche7

What fabulous people did for me!<3

:iconraikea:Fireflies by Raikea:iconlordmaddie:Tourni by LordMaddie
:iconyami-no-spirit-luver:Atemu - Shirtless by Yami-No-Spirit-luver:icontabletopfiend:20Tourniquette02 by TabletopFiendHover Cat by TabletopFiend:iconbeckivk:Chibi pikachu by BeckIvkGiveaway-Chibi Tourni by BeckIvk:icontiny-but-mighty:squirrel by tiny-but-mighty:iconnahaje3000:Its a kind of magic... by Nahaje3000Past and Present by Nahaje3000:iconnickh49:Prize: Tourni by NickH49:iconkhallandra:Santa Gift: For 20Tourniquet02 by KhallandraArt Trade: Afeciel by KhallandraChibi Giveaway: For 20Tourniquet02 by KhallandraGift: Sammy for 20Tourniquet02 by Khallandra:iconchild-of-minerva:HeartART Secret Santa Kitty by Child-of-Minerva:iconpxlcobit:Alibit 20Tourniquet02 by PxlCobit:iconlorelin15:Together in a shcool festival by Lorelin15:icon0viper0:Tani and Afeciel by 0viper0:iconaj333:Kaedo for 20Tourniquet02 by AJ333:iconmiau-nya:AT - Cute cat by Miau-nya:icon1betaone:DARK MAGICIAN...girl :3 request by: 20Tourniquet02 by 1BetaOne:iconraininess:Markus [chibi request] by raininess:iconlady-compassion:Magic and Mystery by Lady-Compassion:iconmakipocky:Freeblets and Commissions by MakiPocky:iconkassandra-21::iconsavagefrog:20Tourniquet02 Doodle Sheet Commission by SavageFrog:iconmusic3freak:SW 2013 - 20Tourniquet02- Emerlia by Music3Freak


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Dark Magician Girl - A different attempt by 20Tourniquet02
Dark Magician Girl - A different attempt
Hello everybody! :)
It's been quite the time since I have been active here, so here's something for all of you to remember me. :)
The truth is, I always wanted to make an artwork where photography, photomanipulation and digital painting would be mixed in one and here it is! :P
Tell me what you think. :)

:bulletpurple:The "cosplay" part is all digitally painted in gimp.
The model is me (won't post the original pic, sowwy, it's not meant to be shown for lack of proper clothing)

:bulletblue:Star by
:bulletblue:Background by

A not so happy update

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 7, 2015, 5:01 AM
Hello everyone! :meow:

I hope that you've all spend your Christmas holidays in a very enjoyable way! :iconsantalaplz:
Also, may I wish you all a belated "Merry Christmas" and a Happy New Year. :meow:

I had to write this journal way earlier, but it is now that I've found the opportunity to do so.
Nevertheless, let me get into the main point already.
It is true that I've been kind of "inactive" the past few months, by uploading only cosplay pictures and pretty much no digital artwork at all. The truth is, I really want to work in a couple of things, all together, but it's not only the time that's my enemy, it's also a family occasion I'm going through these months along with the ton of projects for the uni. So, let me get started on how the whole thing goes.

First, this is my last semster and I have a ton of projects to work on ( I still have 4 of them left). That in itslef is stresses me enough, but I hope this should be my only problem. :faint: Let us pass the financial part, because that's very well ruined and move to the most important part, which started back in August. My mother has been diagnosed with colon cancer, which she would have get rid of if she didn't refuse to be examed earlier. She finally went to the hospital on November, when she had her bowel completely blocked and was in danger of dying from obstructive ileus. None of the less, one week later I returned home to pay them a visit. That's when the second night of my stay, she went up and tried to go to the bathroom, didn't turn on the lights and instead of the bathroom she headed towards the stairs, where she fell and broke her left leg, for which a second surgical operation took place. Ever since, she's been officially diagnosed with depression and she has to deal with a lot. Unfortunatelly still, she's not able to move her leg, even though it should be all right by now. Plus, the atmosphere in home is not helpful at all. Now she's having chemοtherapy sessions, once per month, in order to have the tumor shrunk and then removed. Anyways, I don't know how long this will be for, but all I know is that I'm facing an unpleasant situation, in which, no matter how much I try to help, it all ends up in vain thanks to my father and my uncle, who are both blockheads, each for their own.

So, if you see me not replying or not uploading things that often, I'm not getting away nor have I forgotten about them. It's just that right now the situation is out of hand and I don't know what to do myself. We have only one person working in the family and they're not even get enough for us to live (since he prefers wasting them on his own only, except us being the ones feeding him). A lot of you may say "go get a job" and I will reply to you that it's not that easy to get a job, especially right now. You may be hearing all those "wonderful" things about my country getting better and such, but that applies only to the banks and not to the rest of us. I do not ask for your pity nor your "opinion on how to get a job". I'm trying to get things done my way and I'm not even sure whether it may get me the results I need or not. But still, I don't want to hear any "butthurt" excuses nor the usual "it's your problem, not mine", since these are pretty much obvious and common sense. Because then my reply will be a forever ignore + a STFU.

On a sidenote, I've even hit my head and had a horrible wound on it on the second day of the year. Thankfully, it wasn't critical, but there was a lot of bleeding. So, try not to piss me off. As you see, even my year started "too good to be true".

That's all I had to say for now. It's been more than 3 months that I wanted to talk about it, but couldn't. Right now I'm off my limits myself.
Again, I wish you a Happy New Year and if you wish, check out my new Dark Magician Girl cosplay video (which was done in a hurry):

Take care until my last update. :heart:


Hey guys! If you have a facebook account and wish to help me, go like the picture in the link -> 

4 deviants said Thanks for the support! :)
1 deviant said…
No deviants said It's for a contest

Groups that I promote!!!



Random stuff!

Sammy and Emerlia chibis by 20Tourniquet02

To "do" list:

:bulletred:YNSL's one coloured pic
:bulletred:Drake-fighter's oc
:bulletred:pic for Katnisss
:bulletred:badboybandit's birthday gift
:bulletred:Cielrune's oc
:bulletred:Patroclos from SoulCalibur(dig)
:bulletred:zenx007's commis.
:bulletred: Ai and Yuzuki for MrtViolet
:bulletred: Ulquiorra for zelka94 (kiribian)
:bulletred: Angel-Demon Dragon Summoner for RenePolumorfous
:bulletred: Ahri from LOL for ImmaKai1
:bulletred: Gray from FairyTail for Lorelin15
:bulletred: 2 ocs for SavageFrog
:bulletred: Blackbones for Stygma
:bulletred: A red-light-blue portrait for tvurk
:bulletred: A female half-body for SAMLIM
:bulletred: Castiel from Supernatural for 0viper0
:bulletred: A full body DMG for GuardianOfCliffton
:bulletred: Erza Scarlet for MrtViolet
:bulletred: Sissy for Khallandra
:bulletred: Shiraishi twins for pindanglicious
:bulletred: Olive chibi for Norrive



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