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January 15, 2013
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This is my contest entry for #FourLinePoems:iconfourlinepoems: 's contest, named "Four Line Long Poems, here [link] .

In this "four-line-long-poem" of mine, I've chosen to play around with only four words in order to create a particular emotional situation.

We've all been through the phase when our eyes turned "red". Of course, they'd be red out of jealousy, anger or tears. Tears might be out of happiness, or out of "sadness". The fact we might have been informed about something terrible that happened either to us, our family, friends or somebody we deeply care about, would definatelly make our "eyes" red and teary. We 'd become sad but we'd try either to show it or to hide it, pretending everything's ok. That's the moment we "lie" to ourselves, trying to deceive the ones around us, while our eyes show the painful truth. And that's where it "lies", beneath our red, teary eyes.

In another situation, out of jealousy, it could be betrayal. Somebody we thought was our ally, our friend or lover, somebody we deeply trusted, turns out to be the one who betrayed us, deceiving us to the very end, while being loyal to somebody else, using us as a toy through the proccess. The "lie" that's been revealed, makes our "eyes" "red" and teary. It's up to ourselves to decide weather we'll seak revenge or leave it be, while "sadness" dwells inside us. Because the "lies" were "red".

During the uncontrolled power of an emotion, we might start immediately crying, turning our eyes red and full of tears. It might happen through times of extreeme happinness. We've succeeded the impossible, the unthinkable, something beyond our limits. The fact alone makes us so happy we can bust into tears. Thus, our eyes might turn out red, but we're really happy. Others might mistake it as "sadness", or that something horrible happened. That's when our eyes "lie" to them, due to the tears and the "red" colour.

Plus, there is a belief that if you bear "red" "eyes" (in the iris colour of the eye), your life would be full of "sadness" that "lies" beneath these unfortunate eyes. It's just a belief... (that I personally don't believe and thought it would be worth reffering to it as well).

These are only the most common situations we could meet "red" "eyes" accompanied with "sadness" "lying" beneath them, or "lies" being involed.

Hope you liked it! :dummy:

Poem written by *20Tourniquet02:icon20tourniquet02:
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magical-badger Jan 16, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
This poem rings a lot of truth. :clap: good luck in the contest :)
I'm so glad you like it and thank you very much for your kind comment and wish!:hug:
drake-fighter-0127 Jan 16, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Interesting poem and meaning
I'm so glad you like it!:)
Thanks for your kind comment!:hug:
drake-fighter-0127 Jan 16, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Your truly welcome!:)
sirocco-rc Jan 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice try and meaning :nod:
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